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Thinking Through Drawing 2011

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Posted: 87 months ago


I am a doctoral candidate, researching drawing and cognition. Contemporary artists often report that they draw to generate and explore new ideas and test established ones. I am studying the cognitive and metacognitive interactions between artists and their drawings, across a broad range of drawing practices. A greater understanding of these interactions may empower artists and art educators to invent new approaches to the practice and teaching of drawing, based on new ways of thinking about drawing as a tool for discovery. What common patterns of cognitive interactions underlie divergent drawing practices? What individual differences can be observed? What does this tell us about the kind of cognitive and metacognitive skills that support discovery through drawing? Metacognition, thinking about thinking, is both situated and extended through the drawing process, to enhance artists’ imaginative capacities to generate and explore new and established ideas. This study is designed to generate new knowledge regarding the varieties of cognitive and metacognitive interactions that artists have with their drawings.

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