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Thinking Through Drawing 2011

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2011 Myers lecture

The Bigger Picture of Drawing: a new curriculum, a new pedagogy

Thursday, October 27th, 2011
5-7 pm
Macy Gallery

Lecture and conversation by Professors Farthing and Betts

Visiting professors Farthing and Betts spoke about the bigger
picture of drawing, and their new UK high school drawing
qualifications and Masters course. They discussed together the
implications these courses have on pedagogy and student learning.

Betts & Farthing are practicing artists who share an understanding of
drawing that reaches well beyond the definitions normally handled
within the context of art education.

Since 2009 they have worked with Kelly Chorpening at the Centre For
Drawing, University of the Arts London, to develop and test a drawing
course that is now validated and operating in schools and colleges
across the UK. They recently developed an MA drawing course for
Wimbledon College of Art.

Underpinned by a belief that drawing should be not reduced in the
minds of students to an art related craft but presented as a part of
general literacy Betts & Farthing view drawing as a translation
process whose primary purpose is the reduction of  multi- dimensional
events  to readable two-dimensional imagery. With this in mind they
have built a course that  celebrates drawing’s connections with
writing and notation and acknowledges the role drawing increasingly
plays in discovery, and the planning, mapping, controlling and
recording of change.

Both professors visited from London and attended the associate
international drawing and cognition symposium at Teachers College,
28th – 29th October 2011. Simon Betts is the Dean of Wimbledon College of
Art and Stephen Farthing is the Rootstein Hopkins Professor of Drawing
at University of the Arts London.